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Test Catalog - K 

K - see Potassium
K, Timed Urine - see Potassium Urine Timed
K, Random Urine - see Potassium Urine Random
Kappa/Lambda Light Chain Free Panel - see Immunoglobulin Free Light Chains
Keppra - see Levetiracetam
Ketamine + Metabolite Confirm Urine
Ketones - see Acetone
Ketones Qual Urine Auto
Ketosteroids 17-Total
KIT Mutation, Melanoma
KFP (Kidney Function Panel) - see Renal Function Panel
Kleinhauer Betke Stain--See Fetal Screen
KOH Smear - see Smear Fungus
KOH Smear- Janesville and St Clare
Kidney Function Panel - see Renal Function Panel
Kleinhauer Bethke - see Fetal Screen
KRAS Mutation Detection- ARUP for lung, colon, etc


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