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Over 1,000 registered nurses choose to work at St. Mary's. Why? Because they know the culture here is different. St. Mary's nurses are empowered to go "above and beyond" to address patient and family needs. For them, nursing is a calling. And St. Mary's is where they choose to answer.

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Do you have a story about a St. Mary's nurse who went above and beyond to care for you or a loved one? We invite you to share it here, or consider honoring a nurse who made a difference to you through our Guardian Angel program.

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Would you keep a smile on your face no matter how tough your job became?

A patient’s daughter knew that her elderly father was a real handful. “I’m sorry my dad is so much trouble.” Nurse Sonja assured her it was no trouble at all, as she cheerfully helped her patient get well—lifting his grateful daughter’s spirits at the same time. Was it easy? No, but it was the right way to treat her patient and his family.

Would you go above and beyond just to put a smile on someone’s face?

When a maternity patient here on bed rest started getting restless, Nurse Peggy asked, “What do you want to do today?” “Make a snow angel,” came the unexpected reply. So Peggy bundled up her patient to keep her warm and dry, wheeled her to the garden courtyard, and gently helped her make an angel in the snow. Then Peggy colored the angel blue so her patient could see it from her window and smile for days.

Would you do everything in your power to honor a dying wish?

When the time came for Nurse Sarah’s patient to say goodbye to this world, she made a dying wish. “I don’t want to leave this life in a hospital room, surrounded by tubes and wires.” So Sarah arranged to take her patient to one of St. Mary’s beautiful gardens. There, surrounded by nature and her loving family, her patient’s spirit peacefully moved on.

Would you throw a party for someone you just met?

When Nurse Zainabou realized a patient would be spending her birthday alone in the hospital, she and her fellow nurses gave her patient a party she would never forget. Yes, her patient was surprised, but nobody here was.
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