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News New NICU Transport Isolette to Provide Safer Transfer for Tiny Patients

New NICU Transport Isolette to Provide Safer Transfer for Tiny Patients

Madison ,

​​Keeping our tiniest patients safe and secure while they’re being transferred to our hospital is of utmost importance. Thanks to your generous gifts in response to the 2015 St. Mary’s Foundation campaign, we now have a brand new, state-of-the-art AirBORNE® Voyageur Transport Incubator for our NICU. The new model is replacing the hospital’s oldest transport isolette.

“It was from the mid ‘80s so we’ve been long overdue for an upgrade, and this is quite an upgrade,” said NICU and Pediatrics Manager Laura Ziebarth, RN, MSN.

One of the features Laura and her staff particularly like is the electric cart that carries the isolette.

“It can raise and lower without our transport team members having to physically lift it, which we’ve been doing in the past,” she said. “So that will save a lot of backs.”

The new unit has different restraints than in the previous model, with a head strap and body strap that help to hold the baby in place, making for a safer and more secure transport. The isolette is also fully customizable, which will allow for future expansion for the hospital.

“We’re very excited about this,” Laura said. “One of the things that’s on our dream list is adding an extra ventilator and monitor to this setup so that we could transport twins together in this isolette.”

St. Mary’s does currently have another transport isolette that can be used when transferring twins, but this will provide another option for the future.
“Another thing that we would like to expand to is a cooling system,” Laura said. “When babies have severe hypoxia at birth we put them into a cooling protocol, which conserves their brain. There is a portable one that can be attached to this so we can start cooling on transport rather than waiting until we get back here to initiate that.”

Select hospital staff recently went through training with the new isolette. NICU nurses, physicians and nurse practitioners were able to familiarize themselves with the thermoregulation and monitoring systems, while respiratory therapists learned how the ventilator and c-pap functions work. The security team also learned how to load and unload the unit in the ambulance.

St. Mary's Foundation extends our sincerest thanks for your generous support which made the new transport isolette possible. Your generous gifts help us improve the exceptional and highly specialized care needed for our tiniest patients in the NICU.​