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Taking the Weight Off Your Heart with SSM Health Weight Management Services

The benefits of losing weight go far beyond smaller clothing sizes. Losing or maintaining a healthy weight can reduce the risk for heart disease, relieve joint and muscle pains, improve sleep patterns and increase your energy levels.

If your weight is affecting your health and well-being, our team can help. We understand the complexity of obesity. We know there is powerful, misleading, and confusing messaging about the "right" way to manage weight. We know we do not have "100% control" over our health or our body size. Our team knows "just eat less and move more" is not enough. We will work with you to customize your treatment plan based on your medical needs, values, goals, and preferences.

In one-on-one visits and in class settings, we provide guided self-management focusing on self-kindness, emotional well-being, sleep habits, stress management, nutrition, eating patterns and physical activity. In addition, our skilled surgeons can provide metabolic or bariatric surgeries if needed.

For more info download our Understanding Obesity guide, or call our staff at Madison at 608-824-4457 or Baraboo at 608-355-3800.

Learn more about the options offered at SSM Health Weight Management Services.