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Cancer Care Treatments


SSM Health provides the region’s most advanced cancer care technologies and specialists for detecting and treating most types of cancer. Your care plan will generally start with diagnostic imaging scans and progress to treatment options, such as minimally invasive surgery, radiation, chemotherapy or other interventions. Here is a list of possible testing and treatments:


Imaging is used in cancer treatment primarily as a diagnostic tool and to measure the success of treatment. Radiologists will share the results of your imaging procedures with the rest of your care team to help determine the stage of the cancer and your treatment options. 

Cancer Surgeries

Our SSM Health surgical oncologists are board-certified in a variety of advanced surgical treatments for cancers. Surgery is performed to completely remove tumors and other cancerous cells in the body.


The average radiation oncology treatment is prescribed daily for four to six weeks, using technology called a linear accelerator. Our specially trained radiation therapists provide exceptional treatment.

Cancer Treatment Designed For You

When you choose SSM Health, you receive more than state-of-the-art cancer care. You are choosing exceptional health care. SSM Health's cancer care team strives to provide the best and most comprehensive cancer care that modern medicine offers, including board-certified doctors and supportive care professionals that ensure care tailored to your cancer and your overall health.​​​