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Cancer Care Breast Cancer Treatment

Breast Cancer Treatment

​​Care Designed For You​

We know it’s not an easy decision, whether you’re coming in for routine screening or choosing where you’ll be treated. Putting your trust in a healthcare provider is no small matter, especially when you feel the weight of caring for people around you like most women do. When you choose SSM Health, our multi-disciplinary team is there for your every need, ensuring you receive exceptional, customized, state-of-the-art cancer care. Board-certified doctors and other supportive care professionals create a healing environment and a personalized plan for your treatment and recovery.  ​

Besides skin cancer, breast cancer is the most common form of cancer found in women and is also the second leading cause of death from cancer in females. However, with new research, technologies and therapies, many women recover fully from breast cancer, even when it is diagnosed at an advanced stage. When breast cancer is diagnosed at an early stage, the disease has a 10-year survival rate of up to 98 percent.

Breast Cancer Symptoms

  • New lumps or thickening in breast tissue or under the arms
  • Bloody nipple discharge or a sore on the nipple that doesn’t heal
  • Irritations or puckering in the skin, dimples, scales or new creases
  • Swollen or red breasts and/or rashes similar to the skin of an orange​

Breast Cancer Treatment Factors

  • Location of the tumor
  • Whether the cancer has metastasized (spread)
  • Overall health and age of patient
  • Stage and grade of tumor
  • Menopausal status of patient
  • Known mutations to breast cancer genes
  • Tumor hormone receptor status
  • Indicators of an aggressive tumor​​​

Concerned About Your Risk for Breast Cancer?​