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Donate Planned Giving

Planned Giving

​​Giving can be a very meaningful part of our lives when we take time to reflect on what is important, and identify where we have an opportunity to give back. Planned giving can range from a single transfer of cash or securities to a more detailed approach through an estate plan. Meeting your own financial needs, taking care of family, and supporting those charitable causes that you believe in are all factors to consider with planned giving. If you are considering a planned gift to SSM Health St. Mary’s Foundation - Madison, we encourage you, or your attorney, to contact the F​o​undation office for assistance. 

Appreciated Assets

Marketable securities, property, and retirement funds are all assets that can be gifted to SSM Health St. Mary's Foundation. You can typically designate the whole, or a percentage of the asset as a charitable gift. Please contact the Foundation office if you are considering the donation of an appreciated asset.

Estate Gifts

Incorporating charitable gifts into your financial and estate plans can have a tremendous benefit for both you and the Foundation, now and in the future. If you would like to make a provision in your estate for SSM Health St. Mary's Foundation, please share the following bequest language with your attorney.

  • Unrestricted General Bequest Language
    I hereby leave (percentage of estate or dollar amount) to SSM Health St. Mary's Foundation - Madison, WI to be used for the greatest needs of SSM Health St. Mary's Hospital - Madison as determined by SSM Health St. Mary's leadership.
  • Restricted General Bequest Language
    I hereby leave (percentage of estate or dollar amount) to SSM Health St. Mary's Foundation - Madison, WI to be used for the following restricted purpose: 

If you would like to provide a restricted gift to SSM Health St. Mary's Foundation, please have your attorney contact the Foundation to ensure donor intent is clearly and appropriately documented.

  • EIN #: 43-1940686
  • Declaration of Intent
    A Declaration of Intent is a non-binding information form used by donors to confirm they have made a provision in their estate for SSM Health St. Mary's Foundation. By completing and signing a Declaration of Intent, you are assured that SSM Health St. Mary's has your specific directives regarding the use of your estate gift or bequest. 

    If you choose to complete a Declaration of Intent​ for your estate gift, the Foundation will recognize you as a member of the Legacy Society unless you choose to remain anonymous. 

Charitable Gift Annuity

By making a donation through a charitable gift annuity, you can receive fixed, guaranteed payments for the rest of your lifetime. Your gift will provide philanthropic support to SSM Health St. Mary's while providing you with a steady str​e​am of income.