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​​​Restoring Strength & Hope 

A Capital Campaign to redesign and relocate the adult inpatient
Behavioral Health unit at SSM Health St. Mary's Hospital - Madison

Seeking support and treatment for mental illness is a difficult decision for any patient or family. Last updated nearly 30 years ago, the aging appearance and challenging layout of the 20-bed Behavioral Health unit present barriers for achieving optimal care for our patients. 

Studies show that the care environment has profound effects on the emotional well-being of a psychiatric patient. Design and appearance impact the beliefs, expectations and perceptions patients have about themselves, the staff who care for them, and the services they will receive. 

SSM Health St. Mary's Foundation - Madison has launched the $1.5 million Restoring Strength & Hope campaign to support the redesign and relocation of the adult inpatient Behavioral Health unit. 

We are deeply grateful for our friends of SSM Health St. Mary's and the community's response to our appeal. As of May 9, 2017, we have raised $1,405,121 toward our $1.5 million goal! 

Help us reach our goal to provide an environment that will support patients as they strive to reach their full potential, improve their health and wellness, and live a positive self-directed life. Your gift at any level will support the renovation of the adult inpatient Behavioral Health unit into a therapeutic environment conducive to the compassionate, respectful and effective psychiatric care patients receive.


For more information, contact the Foundation at 608-258-5600 or by email​.

To send a donation by check, print this donation form​.