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Nursing Nursing Professional Practice Model

Nursing Professional Practice Model

​​View the Enlarged Nursing Professional Practice Model

A professional practice model is one that displays the driving forces of a nursing profession and influences how practice is defined and delivered. At SSM Health St. Mary's Hospital – Madison , our nursing professional practice model (shown at right) holds great symbolic meaning for our nursing staff as it represents how RNs collaborate within a health care system, how they transform their practice and how they prepare to lead for a better tomorrow through innovative and creative solutions.

Rooted in Five Core Values

The image of a living, strong tree is representative of our nurses. Just as the leaves of a tree change with the seasons so must our nurses adapt as necessary to their environment. A tree grows tall while planting deep roots, just as our nurses develop while remaining 'rooted' in our five core values of: Compassion, Respect, Excellence, Stewardship, and Community. When the wind blows, seeds from the tree are spread, sown and begin to germinate; this is true of our nurses as they reach out to our community and influence the world around them.

Patients and Family at the Center of Our Trunk

The trunk of our model's tree is quite sturdy. At the center is the iconic red SSM Health St. Mary's heart with the words "Patients and Family" – as patients and their families are at the center of our nurses' work. The tree branches include terminology that resonates with our nurses in the way they care for our patients: advocate, partner and critical thinker. At the top of the model is the SSM Health mission statement, which our nurses hold close to their hearts in everything they do:

Through our exceptional health care services, we reveal the healing presence of God.