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It is beneficial to have your bag packed and ready to take to the hospital several weeks before your due date, so when labor begins -- you'll be ready!  Below is a list of common items to pack for both mom and baby:

CHECKLIST: Preparing for your hospital stay
During Your First Trimester (wks 1-12)

Connect with an obstetric care provider and schedule your prenatal care.

During Your Second Trimester (wks 13-28)
___ Complete the St. Mary’s OB Registration Form and return it to the hospital.
___ Sign up now for a Childbirth Class (deancare.com or ghcscw.com).
___ Sign up now for a Hospital OB Tour.
___ Sign up now for free classes (Breastfeeding, Caring For Your Newborn and Postpartum Care).
___ Read the Notice of Privacy Practices and frequently asked questions.
___ Read your Patient Rights and Responsibilities.
___ Read the Conditions of Admission Agreement. You’ll be asked to sign this form when you come to the hospital to deliver.
___ Write down your birth plan and share it with your obstetric care provider at a prenatal appointment.
___ Acquire a car seat.
___ Schedule a car seat check. Call 608-890-8999 for an appointment. Availability is limited, so please call several months in advance to be sure you get in before your delivery day.

If you are age 18 or over, please consider completing a Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care before you’re admitted to the hospital. Click here for details and forms.

When Your Third Trimester Starts (wks 29-40)
___ Return your OB Registration Form to St. Mary’s Hospital (if you haven’t done so already).
___ Pack your bag for your hospital stay.
___ Arrange for transportation to the hospital and transportation for you and baby when you’re ready to go home.
___ Communicate with loved ones regarding your wishes for visitors at the hospital versus at home.
___ Arrange child care if necessary. Children under 12 must be supervised while at the hospital by an adult other than you or your labor coach.
___ Arrange for someone to care for your pet(s) while you’re in the hospital.

CHECKLIST: Preparing for your hospital stay
___ Clothes for mom
___ Robe and slippers
___ Pacifier (not provided by hospital)
___ Toiletries
___ Camera
___ Clothes for baby to wear home
___ Special outfit for baby’s first picture, if desired
___ Baby book, especially if you’d like footprints added
___ Music CDs, especially if you’d like for relaxation during labor
___ DVDs, if desired
___ Supportive bra, nursing bra if breastfeeding
___ Breast pump and Boppy® or similar pillow if breastfeeding
___ Car seat
___ 3 receiving blankets (in case needed for proper support of baby in car seat)



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