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Test Catalog - H 

5 HIAA -see Hydroxyindolacectic Acid
H & H
H1N1 Influenza A in the Viral Respiratory Panel by PCR
Haemophilus Ducreyi
Haemophilus influenza B Antibody IgG
HAV AB - see Hepatitis A AB
HAV-IGM - see Hepatitis A AB IgM
HBCAB-IGM - see Hepatitis B Core AB IgM
HBSAB - see Hepatitis B Surface AB
HBSAG - see Hepatitis B Surface Antigen
HBV Immune Status - see Hepatitis B Surface AB
HBV Panel - see Hepatitis B Panel
HCG Beta Quan
HCG Beta Tumor Marker
HCG Qual
HCG Qual Urine
HCG Urine Qualitative -  see HCG Qual Urine
HCV - see Hepatitis C AB
HCV Genotype 1 NS5A Drug Resistance
HCV Genotype 3 NS5A Drug Resistance
HCV NS3 Drug Resistance
HCV RNA Real Time Viral Load
HDL Cholesterol
HDN Workup
HDN Workup Mom
Heat Shock Protein 70 (68 kda) IgG by Western Blot- See HSP 70 Antibodies
Heavy Metals Quan Blood
Heavy Metals Urine Random Panel
Heavy Metals Urine Timed Panel
Helicobacter Pylori Antigen (Stool)
Helicobacter Pylori (Breath)
Hemachromatosis Mutation Analysis Panel
Heme Profile - see CBC w/o Diff
Hemoglobin A1C
Hemoglobin A1C Referral - For chemistry reflex orders
Hemoglobin A2
Hemoglobin Electrophoresis
Hemoglobin Plasma
Hemoglobin Qual Urine Auto - see Blood Qual Urine Auto
Hemosiderin Urine
Heparin Assay (Meriter Anti-Xa)
Heparin Induced Platelet AB
Heparin Low Molecular Weight 
Heparin Unfractionated 
Hepatic Function Panel
Hepatitis A AB Total
Hepatitis A AB IGM
Hepatitis A Panel retired 09/15/11 See tests Hepatitis A AB & Hepatitis A AB IGM
Hepatitis B Core Antibody
Hepatitis B Core AB IGM
Hepatitis B DNA Quant PCR
Hepatitis B Genotyping
Hepatitis B Panel
Hepatitis B Surface AB
Hepatitis B Surface Antigen
Hepatitis B Surface Antigen Neutralization
Hepatitis BE Antibody
Hepatitis BE Antigen
Hepatitis BE Antigen and Antibody Panel
Hepatitis C AB
Hepatitis C RNA Quant PCR
Hepatitis C RNA Quantitative PCR with Reflex to Genotype
Hepatitis C RNA Viral Load
Hepatitis C Viral RNA Genotype
Hepatitis C Virus Fibrosure -  See Liver Fibrosis Panel
Hepatitis Delta Virus Antibody
Hepatitis E Antibody IgG
Hepatitis E Antibody IgM
Hepatitis Screen Acute
HER 2 Neu Tissue

Hereditary Hemochromatosis DNA Mutation Analysis
Herpes 6 by PCR
Herpes 6 Human Antibody Igg and Igm Panel
Herpes Simplex 1+2 PCR CSF 
Herpes Simplex 1+ 2 PCR (Non blood) to Mayo
Herpes Simplex Virus PCR (blood) to ARUP
Herpes Simplex 1 IgG
Herpes Simplex I and II AB IgG
Herpes Simplex I and II AB IgM
Herpes Simplex 2 Ab IgG
Herpes Simplex Virus 2 IgG Type Specific Antibody (HerpeSelect)
Hexosaminidase A + Total Leukocytes
HFP - see Hepatic Function Panel
HG - see Mercury
HG Urine - see Mercury Urine
HGB A1C- see Hemoglobin A1C
HIAA - see Hydroxyindolacetic Acid
Histone Antibody
Histoplasma AB
Histoplasma Antigen
Histoplasma AG Urine
HIT Lymphoma Panel
HIV-1 AB HIV-1 Westernblot with Reflex to HIV2 EIA with Reflex to Immunoblot
HIV-1 Proviral DNA Qual Detection by PCR Blood
HIV 1 RNA by PCR Quant
HIV 1 HIV 2 Antibody +P24 AG Panel
HIV Phenotyping Panel
HLA B 5701 Genotype-
HLA Narcolepsy Evaluation 
HLA Typing Panel 
HLA Typing ABC Class I DNA
HLA Typing DR DQ Class II DNA
HMS PLUS Procedure POC
Homovanillic Acid Urine Random
Homovanillic Acid Urine Timed

HNPCC/Lynch Syndrome (MSH2) Sequencing and Deletion/Duplication-See MSH2 Mutation Scrn
HPV Typing Insitu DNA Hybridization
HS CRP - see C Reactive Protein HS
HSP 70 Antibodies
HSV IgM AB Screen - see Herpes Simplex I and II AB IgM
HSV and VZV DNA PCR - New Oct 1 2014 at St Marys Madison
HSV Viral Culture - see HSV and VZV DNA PCR above
HTLV I/II Antibody with Reflex
HTLV I/II antibodies Western blot
Human Growth Hormone - see Growth Hormone Human
Humoral Immunity Evaluation Panel
Hu Yo Ri Antibodies w/ Reflex to Titers and WB - see Paraneoplastic Syndrome Ab Panel
Huntington Diagnosis DNA Panel
HVA - see Homovanillic Acid
Hydrocodone Serum
Hydrocodone Confirmation Quant Urine -See opiates
Hydroxybutyrate Beta
10 Hydroxycarbazepine
Hydroxycorticosteroids 17-
Hydroxyindolacetic Acid
Hydroxyprogesterone 17-
Hypercoagulation Panel - Traditional SMH Panel also See Thrombophilia Profile or Thrombophilia Screen Inherited
Hypersensitivity Panel - see Pneumonitis Hypersensitivity Panel


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