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St. Mary's Goes Green With its Snow 


Inconvenient snow piles. Unsightly silt. Contaminants in storm drains and lakes.

The aftermath of snowfall might also include dump trucks to transfer snow to another location.

To address all of those issues, St. Mary’s Plant Services has begun melting snow on-site through a new process that promises both aesthetic and environmental benefits.

Loaded into a specialized bin brought to the site, snow is sprayed with hot water to melt. Oil and other non-soluble products are extracted, and silt particles are filtered out before the clean, melted snow is diverted to a storm drain. Dirty snowmelt is prevented from entering the lakes. The need for trucking is eliminated, providing further benefits to the environment.

To date, St. Mary’s has used the process two times. Plant Services employees Greg Hatzinger (pictured, right) and Mike Colney (pictured, left) oversee the contractor and the process to clear snow from Brooks Street, the Mills Street loading dock area and the Mills Street surface lot.


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