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Baby Ava Pushes Mom and Dad into a Birth Suites Wedding 

Mark Weber and Erin Heather knew they were cutting it close when they planned their wedding just nine days before the due date of their first child.  But on Tuesday night, less than 24 hours before they were to be wed, they figured it was all going to work out just fine. 

But their baby had other plans.  When Heather woke up at 2:30 Wednesday - the morning of her wedding day - she realized things were not going to go as scheduled.  Mark and Erin made it to the hospital and after speaking with nurses figured out they could pull off their wedding before their child was born, only it wouldn't be 4:30pm at Olbrich Gardens.  Instead, it would be the Birth Suites at St. Mary's Hospital!

So within an hour the couple had a minister (in scrubs), best man (in scrubs), and witness (Heather's nurse) along with flowers and a cake.  The ceremony began at 11:00am and by 11:20am the couple, who've been together for 11 years was husband and wife.

"We wanted to have the baby as a family and it's documented now that we are," says Erin.

At 9:09pm on Thursday, February 18th, Erin and Mark welcomed Ava Star Weber into the world.  She's 8 pounds, 4 ounces and 20.5 inches long. 

Mark and Erin have a full wedding planned for family and friends on October 23rd.

Here's a video of the couple speaking to reporters just moments after their wedding:  http://www.twitvid.com/8C94B

Check out the article that appeared in People Magazine:  http://ow.ly/19EmA


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