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Bird Flu Strikes St. Mary's Janesville Hospital 

Janesville, Wis., 4/1/2010 -- While Rock County and the rest of Southern Wisconsin suffer from extreme cases of spring fever, St. Mary's Janesville Hospital was diagnosed early this morning with a case of bird flu, otherwise known as tweetitis.

Tweetitis is a relatively new disease that's been quite virulent in the United States and the world for roughly two years.

"Once you've caught tweetitis, you have it for life," says Dr. Web Twopointoh. "Fortunately, in St. Mary's Janesville Hospital's case, we've caught it early and it is manageable."

Dr. Twopointoh says the treatment isn't an easy one. St. Mary's Janesville Hospital has received a prescription for relevant and regular tweeting followed by frequent posts to its new Facebook wall.

"I expect many others in the Janesville area have tweetitis already and I recommend they too flock together with St. Mary's," says Dr. Twopointoh. "I suspect those that follow will learn more about all the progress happening at the new St. Mary's Janesville Hospital site."

If you think you may be suffering from tweetitis, please visit the follow website http://tinyurl.com/tweetitis and make sure you "follow" the instructions. It's the only known way to slow the progression of this disease.

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