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Shared Governance Philosophy 

Nursing is different at St. Mary's Hospital.  We have spent over a decade creating a structure and building the skills to practice successfully in a rapidly changing healthcare environment.  As nurses, we choose to shape our own future by investing in the development of a professional practice model that allows us to manage the accountabilities of our profession. 

Shared governance is an accountability-based professional practice model.  Within this model, accountability is understood to be the right and obligation to initiate and carry out an action and/or process.  After more than 10 years of operating within a now mature shared governance structure, we know with certainty that our approach has resulted in a highly functional professional Nursing Organization working in partnership with our medical center to produce superior results. 

Our commitment to shared governance means that our nurses have a voice in the decisions that affect the care they give.  It means that because we have created an environment that supports professional accountability, we have very low turnover and vacancy rates, well below the national average.  We do not use agency or travel nurses. There is no mandatory overtime.  As a nurse at St. Mary's, you will find a friendly, supportive and professionally stimulating atmosphere in which to achieve excellent patient care. 

To better understand the Nursing Organization at St. Mary's, click on the PDF chart below:

Nursing Wheel

St. Mary's Nursing Wheel (PDF)


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