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Share in the rich history of St. Mary's as you listen to stories from Sybilla Horton, Dr. Botham, John Williams, Sister Priscilla, Dr.Thomas Geppert, Fran Schlimgen and Dr. Skroch.

Sybilla Horton:

Sybilla Keating Horton graduated from St. Mary’s School of nursing in 1928.  In 2007, at the age of 104 years old, she reminisced about her time at St. Mary’s School of nursing.

John Williams:

Madison residents were on pins and needles during the national polio epidemic of 1952. East Side siblings Johnny and Nancy Williams were both stricken.   The virus quickly killed 13-year-old Nancy.  On the day of her funeral, 10-year-old Johnny was admitted to St. Mary’s, the virus attacking even the muscles that helped him breathe.  An iron lung provided oxygen 24 hours a day, until his caregivers could wean him from it.   Six decades later he recalls his experience. 

Dr. Botham:

Dr. Richard Botham was a cardiovascular, thoracic and general surgeon at the Dean Clinic and on staff at St. Mary’s Hospital from 1959 to 1991. His skills as a surgeon were renowned as well as his charisma, charm and delightful personality.


Sister Priscilla:



Dr.Thomas Geppert:

Dr. Thomas Geppert was one of the first pediatricians at Dean and St. Marys in 1948.  He stayed with the organization until he retired in 1968. 


Fran Schlimgen:

Fran Schlimgen has a long-standing relationship with St. Mary’s which dates back to 1951.  This was when the first of her four children was born here.   Fran became interested in volunteering and  in 1966, a friend invited her to a membership meeting for St. Mary’s volunteers.  Fran was hooked and has been volunteering here ever since. 


Dr. Eugene Skroch:

Dr. Eugene Skroch was a general surgeon starting with St. Mary’s in the 1950’s and working here until he retired in 1980. He is known as the patient doctor who cared for his patients and others he worked with.



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