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Regi Hise 

It started with a triple bypass at St. Mary's…

After years of a less-than-healthy lifestyle, coupled with strong denial of symptoms of a heart problem, Regi found himself being whisked to St. Mary’s Hospital in the midst of a cardiac emergency. In his own words, he was revived, but “flat-lined four more times during the next few days.

Diagnosed with congestive heart failure, Regi required major surgery and a pacemaker to survive. The shock of realizing that his lifestyle had literally killed him left Regi a changed man. He vowed to show doctors his gratitude by making the most of his second chance at life. He quit smoking, lost weight and continues to exercise regularly. He reinvented his relationship with food, bringing a healthier approach to his work as a corporate chef, too.

Regi’s culinary expertise and healthier outlook influence restaurant menus across the country. And, he inspires everyone he meets, including other chefs, to take better care of themselves.

Watch Regi's story.


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