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Lives Touched Here Change Lives for the Better! 
People touched by St. Mary’s Hospital are having a positive “ripple effect” on hundreds—or even thousands—of others … at the hospital, in the community and beyond. Discover their amazing stories here! 

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It started when BRIAN was a preemie in our NICU...
Born eight weeks early, he was whisked from his south central Wisconsin hospital to St. Mary’s for advanced care in our regional Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Doctors gave Brian a 50% chance of survival.
Learn more about Brian.


It started when EMILIE was treated here for breast cancer…
Emilie was a wife, mother, daughter and nurse at St. Mary’s when she was diagnosed with cancer. As is the case for many people, chemotherapy left her feeling angry and tired. But because she was surrounded by constant care and encouragement from hospital staff, and even patients, Emilie realized she could make something positive out of her situation.
Watch Emilie's story.

She started as a student nurse here…
When she entered St. Mary’s School of Nursing in the 1950s, she had career aspirations. But even Sister Mary Jean Ryan never dreamed she would go on to impact health care delivery around the world.
Find out more about Sister Mary Jean Ryan. 


It started with a hospital orderly…
The Meicher family has been serving St. Mary’s patients since the early 1900s when Charles found work as an orderly at the hospital. He met his wife Margaret there and years later their four sons served mass together in the hospital chapel.
Learn more about the Meicher family's journey.


It started with a triple bypass at St. Mary’s…
After years of a less-than-healthy lifestyle, coupled with strong denial of symptoms of a heart problem, Regi found himself being whisked to St. Mary’s Hospital in the midst of a cardiac emergency. In his own words, he was revived, but “flat-lined four more times during the next few days.
Find out how Regi's life has changed.


It started with our Hands on Hearts program…
Happily celebrating their anniversary with an afternoon of golf, Kay and Rob had no idea they were about to become a news story. Suddenly and completely without warning, Kay collapsed on the green. She was not breathing, had no pulse, and was completely unresponsive. Isolated and without a cell phone, her husband suddenly remembered something amazing.
Watch their story.  

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