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It started when EMILIE was treated here for breast cancer…
Emilie was a wife, mother, daughter and nurse at St. Mary’s when she was diagnosed with cancer. As is the case for many people, chemotherapy left her feeling angry and tired. But because she was surrounded by constant care and encouragement from hospital staff, and even patients, Emilie realized she could make something positive out of her situation.

Emilie shares a moment with two of the women who inspired her through her cancer journey. They also are her colleagues at St. Mary’s Hospital.

Realizing how much support from others had meant to her, Emilie found the strength to share her experience. She started a blog called “Emilie’s Cancer Journey.” Her words offered hope and comfort to hundreds of women with cancer, and helpful insight for their loved ones who were uncertain what to say or do. Emilie also focused on improving her overall fitness. She challenged herself to embrace the sport of running, which culminated in leading a team of co-workers in the Susan G. Komen “Race for the Cure” to raise money for breast cancer research.

All the while, Emilie never stopped her work. As a nursing director of a busy St. Mary’s unit, she cared for seriously ill patients including other women diagnosed with cancer. Today, Emilie is cancer-free and continues to advocate for women’s health improvement and timely mammograms. She even volunteers for “Infinite Boundaries,” a Wisconsin-based retreat program for breast cancer survivors.

Emilie has shown everyone around her what it means to be optimistic in the face of adversity, inspiring countless women with cancer to find their own inner strength.

Watch Emilie's story.


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